USC 2021

Initiated in 2000 by Freie Universität Berlin, the first university to advocate the involvement of students in the activities of the network, the UNICA Student Conference is now an established and joyful UNICA tradition. The Conference gathers every 2-3 years 200 to 300 students from UNICA Member universities whose enthousiasm and ideas bring a breath of fresh air to the network.

By combining keynote speeches, hard work in the discussion groups and social activities, the Conference provides students with a unique possibility of meeting their peers from other European countries and to share their views on meaningful issues related to HE. Students are also encouraged to formulate opinions and recommendations that can be voiced within the UNICA network as well as to relevant stakeholders and give rise to new challenging initiatives.

The main theme of the conference: “Transforming Your University in the post COVID-19 age!”

Based on the challenges that universities are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also on the inherent opportunities to reinvent themselves and generate a significant impact for an increasingly sustainable global society, the theme chosen for this edition of the UNICA Student Conference, “Transforming Your University in the post COVID-19 age”, focuses on the students’ vision and ideas of how the university should adapt and transform itself into a post-pandemic global society.

The main theme of the Conference will be addressed in the 10 discussion Fora listed below. Each Forum will have a Chair (representatives of ESU, of ESN and students from NOVA) who will support the preparation of the Student delegates before the Conference and facilitate the forum discussion groups during the event.

1. Science in the city.
2. Equal, diverse and inclusive universities.
3. Europe’s position in world’s politics.
4. Social media and European societies.
5. More sustainable societies: the role of universities.
6. International students: engaging with local communities.
7. How can Universities and cities work together to improve students’ life?
8. Formal and informal learning: Innovative pedagogical approaches .prompted by the COVID-19 crisis.
9. Inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary education.
10. Jobs in the digital society: the role of universities.

More about the topics for the 10 discussion Fora here.

Students are invited to choose their preferred topics in advance and will be supported in the preparation to the Conference by the Academic tutor nominated by each participating university and by the Chair of the Forum they will participate in.

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