For the first time in Angola and Mozambique, 4 universities establish and operate social entrepreneurship hubs at their premises. The hubs provide young academics with the necessary training, financial support, IT equipment and network to design and realise projects which provide solutions to pressing social issues in their regions.

With the support of UDI-Africa, around 40 social entrepreneurship projects are currently in the pipeline, while the hubs are preparing to be officially integrated in the universities’ services.

Before the official end of the project, we invite the UDI-A partners from Africa & Europe and all the actors involved in the social entrepreneurship hubs to discuss:

What is the role of universities in supporting social entrepreneurship?
Methodologies and tools for financing, sustaining, and achieving long term impact of social entrepreneurship activities and projects
Frameworks for collaboration in the field, between Africa and Europe
Target groups:

Stakeholders interested in gaining a better understanding of social entrepreneurship activities implemented by African universities and discussing opportunities for collaboration at policy, university and local projects level.

University actors, young academics and entrepreneurs interested in learning about tools and methodologies for designing, financing, implementing and evaluating a social entrepreneurship project.

The event is open to all EFMD members and interested stakeholders. Registration is required.

Prémio Fernão Mendes Pinto (Edição 2019)

Candidaturas até 31 de julho de 2019 A Associação das Universidades de Língua Portuguesa (AULP) anuncia a abertura de candidaturas ao Prémio Fernão Mendes Pinto 2019. Este prémio, atribuído anualmente pela AULP, tem como objetivo galardoar uma dissertação de mestrado ou de doutoramento que contribua para a aproximação das Comunidades de Língua Portuguesa, explicitando relações…


On 20 February 2019, the CPLP’s Seminar was held “Civil Society Contribution for the Year of the CPLP for Youth” https://www.cplp.org/Default.aspx?ID=2654&CalendarEventID=498 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/semin%25C3%25A1rio-de-coopera%25C3%25A7%25C3%25A3o-e-internacionaliza%25C3%25A7%25C3%25A3o-tiago-cardoso/ The UDI-AFRICA project was presented as an example for Academic Mobility and Knowledge Transfer in CPLP. CPLP -Community of Portuguese Language Countries (Portuguese: Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa) is an international organization and…