International Capacitation Programme – ICP

In March and April 2018, 40 Champions from Angola and Mozambique travelled to Europe for the ICP

Video about Champions expectations on UDI-Africa

Video with testimonials from the Champions @ICP

Video from ICP Welcome Ceremony

Stage I – Introduction: Pedagogic & Tranferable skills

Academic innovation
– update of academic skills (scientific and pedagogic)
•Study visits and class attendance
•Tutoring and autonomous work
•Training for the development of transferable skills
PDP: Professional Development Plans
Shared capacitation activities: ACADEMICS and NON-ACADEMICS

Stage II – Topic development

Stage III – Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

UDIA – International Capacitation GLOBAL Programme (here)

Who participated?

Africa: 40 ‘CHAMPIONS’ = (8 academics + 2 non-academics) x 4 Universities
Europe: academics (departments and research units)
and 3 services (International Affairs, Student Placement and Entrepreneurship)