WP1: Preparatory Work and Infrastructure / Preparação
Leader: P3 – ULB | Co-Leader: P7 – UKB

Deliverable 1.01: Report “Needs Analysis and State of Play” and TWIN’s
Deliverable 1.02: List “CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE”
Deliverable 1.03: Detailed Plan and Schedule of International Activities
Deliverable 1.04: Requisites and Planning of CADI’s
Deliverable 1.05: Institutional Communication Strategy

WP2: CADIs: Centres for Academic Development and Innovation / Centros para o Desenvolvimento Académico e Inovação
Leader: P5 – UAN | Co-Leader: P4 – UM

Deliverable 2.01: 4 CADI’s
Deliverable 2.02: Strategic Documentation of the CADI’s

WP3: International Capacitation Programme / Programa  de Capacitação Internacional
Leader: P6-UEM | Co-Leader: P2-KCL

Deliverable 3.01: Workshop “Inclusive Social and Economic Development – A Multidisciplinary Approach”
Deliverable 3.02: Workshop “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship – An Introduction”
Deliverable 3.03: Soft Skills Training Sessions
Deliverable 3.04: Scientific Workshops
Deliverable 3.05: Study Visits; Job-Shadowing; Classes
Deliverable 3.06: Course Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

WP 4: Consolidation of Capacitation at home institution / 
Consolidação da Capacitação na Instituição de origem

Leader: P8-UL | Co-Leader: P3-ULB

Deliverable 4.01: Individual Personal Development Plans (PDP’s) x 40
Deliverable 4.02: Pilot Module with PBL
Deliverable 4.03: Draft Research Projects 
Deliverable 4.04: Twinning Activities

WP5: Pilot Course on Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship / 
Curso Piloto de Empreendedorismo e Inovação Social

Leader: P7-UKB | Co-Leader: P1-NOVA

Deliverable 5.01: Pilot Course in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

WP6: Quality Evaluation /Avaliação de Qualidade
Leader: EFMD | Co-Leaders: P4-UM; P8: UL

Deliverable 6.01: Detailed Quality Plan
Deliverable 6.02: External Quality Reports

WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation /Disseminação e Exploração
Leader: P2-KCL | P6-UEM

Deliverable 7.01: Dissemination Plan and Report
Deliverable 7.02: Project Website
Deliverable 7.03: Leaflets
Deliverable 7.04: News
Deliverable 7.05: Papers
Deliverable 7.06: Meeting with Stakeholders
Deliverable 7.07: UDI-A Network
Deliverable 7.08: Institutional Workshops
Deliverable 7.09: Regional Workshops
Deliverable 7.10: National Workshops
Deliverable 7.11: International Conference Angola
Deliverable 7.12: International Conference Mozambique

WP8: General Project Management / Gestão do Projeto
Leader: P1-NOVA | Co-Leader: P5-UAN

Deliverable 8.01: Project Plan Activities
Deliverable 8.02: Interim Report
Deliverable 8.03: Final Report
Deliverable 8.04: Virtual Platform of Collaboration
Deliverable 8.05: Consortium Meeting 1
Deliverable 8.06: Consortium Meeting 2
Deliverable 8.07: Consortium Meeting 3
Deliverable 8.08: Consortium Meeting 4