Winning Projects on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Videos from Students to be presented in Brussels 2020

Universidade Katyavala Bwila

Praça Verde
Problem: The proliferation of urban waste in the informal market.
Value proposition: Providing environmental awareness to Tomba market sellers to improve basic sanitation, the structural and functional organization of the market. ”
Spokesperson: António Guilson Kaputo
Project Pitch

Mãos à Caneta: Futuro Melhor
Problem: Poor academic achievement and misbehavior of the students in basic education.
Value proposition: Create an ATL center to reduce the number of students with poor academic achievement and misconduct in basic education in the city of Benguela
Spokesperson: Bernardo Paulino Ferreira Lionjanga 
Project Pitch

Universidade Agostinho Neto

“Cuidamos de Si” “Caring about you
Problem: hunger in the urban environment & restaurantshigh food waste,
Output: Conversion of perfectly good food, being wasted, into meals for needy people
Spokesperson: Raquel Claúdia António
Project Pitch

“Incubadora de Startups para Performance de Pequenos Investidores em Luanda” “Startup Incubator for Small Investor Performance in Luanda”
Spokesperson: António Gilberto Bastos Alberto
Project Pitch

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Problem: Reduced number of blind children in the Education System
Value proposition: Assist blind children in Primary school, providing school materials with Braille language
Spokesperson: Zeca Nhampossa
Project Pitch

DIGESCO: Diário de um Gestor Escolar
Problem: high rate of early school leaving in Mozambique 350,000 students / year in primary education
Value proposition: Generate solutions for school management, with guided tours and workshops.
Outputs: increase quality of education, and community participation in school management
Spokesperson: Paulo Vilanculos
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Universidade de Lúrio

Reaproveitando Talentos Ocultos
The Project is based on the idea of creating a center for the reuse of art and culture where immigrants and / or refugees of different nationalities welcomed at the Maratane Refugee Center in the province of Nampula, Mozambique can produce, exhibit and commercialize (pieces of crafts, art, clothing, among other cultural manifestations), a result of their creativity.
Spokesperson: Eunice Ângelo Rafael Moreira
Project Pitch

Juntos fazemos Nampula brilhar
Problem: Urban waste on the outskirts of the city of Nampula, lack of a good collection system
Activities: Create awareness campaigns, add garbage deposits (each intended for a specific type of waste), create landfills, separate the different types of waste (recyclable and non-recyclable).
Output: Improve the collection of urban waste in greater Nampula, with an impact on the public health of the population.
Spokesperson: Silale Saide
Project Pitch

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