from UAN

Any Sesoko (staff Champion UAN)

Head of Office for Bilateral Agreements

1- What have been the main challenges of the participation in the UDI-Africa (individually and institutionally)?

Individually, it was a great responsibility to be chosen to be one of the representatives of UAN in this project. It was necessary to do my best to represent the first and largest University of Angola.
Institutionally, it was necessary to redouble my professional effort, since I had to reconcile the daily tasks of the institution with the work of the project, and also keep the group of Champions cohesive and motivated.

2– What are the main opportunities from UDI-Africa in the present and for future?

At present: the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences among partner institutions and maintain the existing cooperation with these institutions.
In the future: developing joint projects, as well as strengthening mobility among teachers, students and administrative professionals.

3- What has been and will be the main impact of UDI-Africa for your individual professional development?

The main impact for my professional development will be to do my Master’s and Doctorate through UDI-Africa networking, and also being able to participate in several conferences and professional training courses as well as helping students to participate in international mobilities.

4- What has been and will be the main impact of UDI-Africa for your institution’s academic development?

The creation of joint projects and the increase in academic and administrative mobility projects. And to promote the creation of social entrepreneurship projects among students, thus awakening their entrepreneurial spirit.