TWIN Activities

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The UDI-Africa support network was established with two dimensions:

  • Topic Areas: Each European partner will be responsible for one scientific TOPIC and will be guiding and supervising the CHAMPIONS of the same topic in all African Partner Universities.
  • Twin Partners: Each African Partner will work in collaboration with a TWIN EU Partner that will be available for guiding the local implementation of the project.

In WP4, EU Partners have traveled to their TWIN institutions to follow-up on the capacitation process. This innovative element of the project allowed to develop mentoring relations, and the multidisciplinary, internationally-oriented skills-training targeting both academic and non-academic staff in the partner country institutions.

Twinning activities sustained engagements and entrenched the gains derived from the project activities. These actions strengthened capacity building in the partner country institutions due to the close, direct interactions between the partners, coupled with the mentorship activities proposed

Four TWIN partnerships were defined and accepted by the whole Consortium


However, some Programme Partners reported further twinning activities with other Partner Institutions.