Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pilot Courses

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Winning Projects on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Students Testimonials

The Consortium came to the conclusion that it was important to engage CHAMPIONS in working in collaboration with other CHAMPIONS of different scientific fields and to look at problems and challenges from multiple perspectives. As a matter of fact, the great majority of challenges that should be met to foster inclusive sustainable development in the region call for a multi-disciplinary approach. This approach is championed by academics stemming for four very relevant disciplines (Topic Areas). Hence, the area of Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship came up as an area that has the potential to engage different players (faculty, staff, students, external stakeholders) coming from different scientific areas, working together. Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is also a way to bring together the Academia and the Society in general and to produce impact where it is most needed.

The main goal of WP5 is to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired by the CHAMPIONS and JUNIORS to the whole institution, in a tangible deliverable. This course will contribute to multiplying the capacitation achieved in UDI-Africa and to multiply its effect in the lives of staff, students and the people of the region.