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Tiago Fernandes

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He holds a PhD from the European University Institute, Florence (2009) and is the author of The Liberal Wing and the End of the Portuguese Dictatorship, 1968-1974 (Lisbon, 2006) and Civil Society (Lisbon, 2014). Civil Society, Democracy, and Inequality: Cross-Regional Comparisons (1970s-2015), co-edited with Michael Bernhard and Rui Branco, is forthcoming in Comparative Politics. He is also co-author of two forthcoming books on the patterns, impact and long-run antecedents of anti-austerity protest in Southern Europe. Currently he is writing a book manuscript, provisionally titled Civil Society, Democracy and Authoritarianism: France, Italy and Spain (1870s-1930s) and editing another, Varieties of Democracy in Southern Europe, 1968-2015.

Research Fields:

Civil Society.
Social Movements.

Recent Publications:

1. D. della Porta, M. Andretta, T. Fernandes, E. Romanos, M. Vogiatzoglou, Memories and Movements. The Legacy of Democratic Transitions in Contemporary Anti-Austerity Protest, Oxford University Press, 2016 (Submitted).
2. D. della Porta, M. Andretta, T. Fernandes, F. O’Connor, E. Romanos, M. Vogiatzoglou, Late neoliberalism and its discontent: Comparing crises and movements in the European periphery, Palgrave-Macmillan, 2016 (Submitted).
3. Michael Bernhard, Tiago Fernandes, Rui Branco, eds., Civil, Society, Inequality and Democracy: Cross-Regional Comparisons, Comparative Politics (forthcoming).
4.“Rethinking Pathways to Democracy: Civil Society in Spain and Portugal, 1960s – 2014”, Democratization, March 2014.
5. Pedro Tavares de Almeida, Tiago Fernandes, Rui Branco, Democratie et Societé Civile en Europe du Sud, Special Issue, Pole Sud, December 2012.

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